Lymphatic Drainage Massage

  The Lymphatic System is the body's waste disposal. It clears away bacteria, cell debris, excess water, proteins and wastes from the connective tissue and returns it to the blood stream for ultimate removal by the kidneys. Lymphatic Drainage Massage (LDM) increases lymphatic circulation and helps detoxify the body. It drains sluggish lymph nodes. It stimulates the movement of lymph and encourages the formation of lymphocytes that produce antibodies increasing the body's resistance to infection. If tissue has been damaged, LDM helps to stimulate the lymphatic system to remove wastes more rapidly from around these inflamed tissues sending it back to the lymphatic system for removal and cleansing.     

Excellent for Pre-Surgery any Post-Surgery.

Pre/Post-Surgery / Sinuses 45 min. $90 

  Full Body 80 min. $145  

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