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Real Testimonials

 Mackenzie T, review in Fort Worth :  I work in a restaurant busing tables all day carrying multiple heavy plates on one hand. You can imagine my arm flexers were as worn as can be. I had this pain for a few weeks and then a friend recommended I come to Ruth for a PNT session and I feel like I have a new arm after one session. I can go around carrying as many plates without a problem now. I will continue with bi-monthly maintenance to avoid any more pain! PNT is serious magic. 10/10 would recommend. 

Thanks so MUCH!


I came to Ruth by recommendation of my daughter, who Ruth has resolved multiple issues. I had for several months a trigger finger. Trigger finger is a condition in which one of your fingers gets stuck in a bent position. I could not extend my finger and it was very painful. This is not only annoying but could become permanent! I went to a doctor and they checked to see if it was broken. It was not broken, but didn’t know what else to do. I was skeptical about Ruth’s ability only because other “medical professional’s” suggestions ranged from injections of drugs to surgery!! Ok, Ruth used her Pain Neutralization therapy on my hand and arm and within 15 minutes—my finger was flexible and would stay in a normal straight position. She did all this with no pain…no DRUGS…no SURGERY!! I had a follow up therapy for my trigger finger and other issues. I am getting my life back, finally. I am so grateful for Ruth and the Pain Therapy and I can happily and pain free give this testimonial. 

Thanks so much, 

Maria Elena Cortes


“getting my life back”

I had problems with my right arm a lot of pain, tingling and numbness, the pain was so strong that it was shooting from my head to my feet. I had this problem for two years and went to a chiropractor for four months three times a week and I felt better the day that I had the adjustment but then the pain came back. I also went to regular doctors and they all thought that I had carpel tunnel-but when they test for that, the results were negative. They just gave me painkillers.

I was tired and desperate with the pain and a friend of mine recommended Ruth. When I first came to Ruth, I still had the same symptoms with my right arm: a lot of pain, tingling and numbness, the pain was so strong it was shooting from my head to my feet. I had a terrible headache, it was so bad that I couldn’t sleep for three days. So I made an appointment, came, and after the first treatment of PNT I felt a lot better. I was able to sleep that night…. that week and ever night since! I even forgot about the pain when I was working. She is still doing PNT on me and I’m going on my third treatment. Ruth is finding the cause of my pain and neutralizing it, not just treating the symptoms. I am very happy because after years of pain I finally feel relief. I am “getting my life back” .

Margarita Aguilar. My review. 

My Testimonial:

PNT is amazing! I developed some problems with my hips and legs about eight months before I found Ruth and PNT. I struggled to just get through the day at work. I wasn’t able to go to the grocery store and many days worked from home just to limit the walking I had to do. During this eight months – I went to the doctor and was given medication. I also had many visits with a chiropractor during this time. After treatment, I was able to walk good enough to get through a day at work but not much else. I was very skeptical about PNT but tried it after a friend suggested it couldn’t hurt. I am happy to report that after only a couple of months of PNT – I am able to pretty much walk anywhere I need to. I haven’t even needed a Tylenol the past month or so. We are just working through some stiffness that still remains but I am so pleased with the results so far. Ruth explains everything in great detail and you have no doubt that you are in the best possible hands!

Maryann Black

Hi Ruth! 

 My testimonial is below:

PNT works!  I saw Ruth after experiencing severe neck and shoulder pain recently.  Per her recommendation I had her treat me with her Pain Neutralization Therapy as opposed to a deep tissue massage as I have had in the past.  When I walked in her office I could barely move my head from side to side as I had intense muscle pain on both sides.  Forty-five minutes and one PNT session later I had full range of motion.  FULL RANGE.  Ruth worked her magic through what I can best describe as a trigger-point technique.  It's not a massage, but it worked far better than any massage I've ever had.  As Ruth cautioned me, the some of the pain and limited mobility came back later that same day, but was minimal compared to earlier that morning.  The following day I was 90% recovered and by the day after that I had no issues at all.  I have seen her since for continued PNT sessions to work on chronic underlying tension in my neck and shoulders and have seen vast improvements.  Ruth is extremely thorough and guides you through the entire process explaining what she is doing, why, and how it will improve your overall health and wellness.  Ruth is a fantastic massage therapist already, but I highly recommend her for PNT as well!

Lori Murfin 

 The best massage I have ever had! Very relaxing and therapeutic! I was in a car accident and I had a lot of back and neck pain. Ruth target every damaged area with a unique technique [ Pain Neutralization ] that not only helped me relax, it eliminated my pain. It's unlike any massage I've had. She uses her fingers to target the damaged area and then puts pressure on the opposite area where there is not as much pain. I thought my neck pain would never heal, but Ruth is a lifesaver. I was happy to note the therapist always starts with questions regarding my health and if I have any new problems. Does an excellent job attending my needs. She is very knowledgeable and very professional. I will not go to anyone else ever again! Extremely professional, worth every penny! 

Pain Free,

Alex Baron

 Ruth Stout has been a great help over the course of the past year. She helped me pre and post major lumbar spine surgery. Pre-surgery she help me have much less pain and remain as active as I could be. Post-surgery she helped me reduce pain and swelling and gradually become healthy and active. I highly recommend Ruth as an adjunct therapy to reduce pain and increase health !


Kim Conrow


I would like to thank you for introducing me to pain neutralization therapy. I am still in amazement at what these treatments have done for my cronic pain. I have had a catch in my shoulder blade off and on for many years and it has limited the range of motion in my neck. I've have tried massages and Chiropractics. The pain would be relieved for a short while,  but would return. After four treatments with you I have complete range of motion in my neck and no pain in my shoulder blade. This is continued now for over a month.  I haven't been pain free for this long in many years. I can't thank you enough.  

My husband knows the benefits of PNT, too. He suffered from tennis elbow. Now after 5 treatments the pain is gone! 

I whole heartedly recommend you to anyone who has cronic pain and assumes they will have to live with it. 

Thanks again!

Laura C.

      Parris S , Fort   Worth, TX  A complete holistic approach nurturing all my senses! I am beyond impressed with the   professionalism, care and service! I had a massage and mani pedi. Ruth is an experienced massage therapist and I can say one of the best massages I have ever had in my life and I have l tried many worldwide spas!! I am very picky and sensitive with my body and feet but the massage and pedicure were   relaxing and just the right pressure and technique was also creative and   flowed well. Manicure was perfect. Highly recommend Lotus Massage & Pain Therapy. Beautiful renovated surroundings music essential oils and lovely people. Thank you Ruth for your care, services and friendly kind demeanor.   See you all soon! I'm booking again and again!     

     Anita Howard   The deep tissue was the   best I have ever had really worked around my shoulder blades where all my   knots seem to hide.

     Julie Eynon   Ruth is the best we have   found for massage in Fort Worth! She has good touch and is very knowledgeable.   She is worth the trip!  

     Lucia Ramirez   Ruth is my massage therapist and she's such a blessing! I've had some issues with headaches and  tension and I love how she cares so much and wants to make you feel better.  She's very understanding and she's just excellent! 

     Mary Saunders   I'm really into my   massages not only for relaxation but therapeutic as well, and as a seasoned   international traveler I've had 100's of massages all over the world.   Recently moved to the area from Hawaii and so glad I found this place!

     Pam   White   Wonderful pedicure and   thanks to Ruth for taking care of my daughter with a wonderful (much needed)   massage!    

      Julie   Eynon   Ruth always gives a   fantastic massage. She is very knowledgable and effective.     

     Kathy   Conrad   I love Lotus Massage & Pain Therapy . Ruth does my nails and massages, which she is the very best at both,   especially the massages. She is so customer focused and attentive. All the   other staff and fantastic and have taken very good care of me.

      Sharon Murphree   Very relaxing professional   massage left me feeling like a million bucks!    

     Eugenia Del Pinal   I have had several   massages before but the one Ruth gave me was one of the best massages I have   ever had! I enjoyed it very much and also loved the visit I had with Monica   while she was doing my nails. She did an excellent job.

     Sheryl Strout   Ruth has kept me moving   through her massages-she's the best. I also go there for my pedicures and   although you might pay a little more than other nail salons, you won't have   to worry about how clean the nail tools are, they are METICULOUS.      

     Penny Roberts   Ruth gives the best   massage that's why I drive out there!!!   Ruth has always been the best in my opinion.

     Melissa Coffey   My massage was awesome!   Thank you Ruth!    

     Melissa McNeil   Ruth's massage technique was wonderful! I was so relaxed, I didn't wan to get up! I may have even snored a couple of times. :) 

     Allison Hays   Ruth does a fabulous deep tissue massage! I can always count on her to work out my sore muscles!            

     Anonymous   the best massage I've had. Having terrible headaches and she worked them right out! I feel great, and will be back!! Thank you!  

     Michelle Deserio   Ruth is amazing. I do not   go for spa days to pamper myself but because I suffer from chronic pain. Had a headache for over a week and it's gone today because of Ruth massage skills. She is truly a wonderful person. 

     Teri Kent   Ruth is very knowledgeable about any type of massage that you may receive, especially the   therapeutic massage. You feel so much better after having one of Ruth's wonderful massages.  

     Anonymous   I came to Lotus for a massage. Ruth was recommended to me by Dr. Fajardo of Best Health. Ruth gave a great deep tissue massage. She was very knowledgable and receptive. Thank you for a great job, I look forward to my next opportunity to neutralize my  pains with a deep tissue massage.  

     Jamie Meritt   Ruth is an excellent, caring, & professional massage therapist who is very knowledgeable! So much so that I recommend her to my friends and family!       

     Dan Benton   I have had Ruth work on me twice for chronic lower back pain and I can really see the progress we're making to get the massage deeper each time. It's very good. Between my chiropractor and family M.D. she immediately identified the hip flexor as the problem and neutralize it immediately!

     Victoria Burchfield   Wonderful facility and  staff. I had a sports massage with Ruth and she was great. She really listened to my issues and made great recommendations for further treatment. Already have my next appointment set!    

     Nicole Gilmore   I had my first massage and Ruth was amazing. Best massage. Hands down. Thanks!     

     Tim Ballard   Great massage and relaxing environment. Staff was professional, courteous and very helpful in making my visit the best!    

     Betsy Cummings   Ruth is a fabulous massage therapist. I was referred to her by my chiropractor and she   did amazing orthopedic massage which contributed greatly to my healing. Now I schedule monthly massage appointments with her. The staff is amazing!